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The classic and contemporary sports watch inspired by motor racing. Jack Heuer launched the Carrera watch in 1963 as a tribute to the Carrera Panamericana Rally held in the 50s and considered at the time by many the most dangerous car race in the world. This exciting watch was the first chronograph designed for professional pilots with a pure and functional dial design featuring a wide dial opening and a 1/5th of a second scale on the flange. The Carrera not only triumphed in the world of professional motoring but also became the ideal companion for day-to-day life or to go on the road thanks to its functional, elegant and simple design.

Enter the world of speed with the Tag Heuer Carrera watch.


The ideal sports watch to immerse yourself in the aquatic universe. The Aquaracer collection has been experimenting over the years with the open sea and ocean depths. In this way, these watches are verified as submersible watches up to 300 meters deep with specific features such as its exclusive double safety clasp and its unidirectional turning bezel that protect them to take risks and guarantee maximum precision when diving through the depths. If you want to dive into the sea or give an elegant touch to your look, this is the professional high-tech watch that will fit your wrist.


The casual sports watch for a fast-paced life. This collection was designed to step on the accelerator and live life at full speed everywhere. The watches stand out for an advanced technology inspired above all in the performance of the Formula 1 teams. The watch - which can be admired on the wrists of many of the champion drivers - is rugged for professional use but also extremely comfortable for everyday use thanks to the new ceramic material that has been developed for this collection.


The timeless classic that Steve McQueen wore in "Le Mans," the 1970 classic film about the world of racing. The Monaco watch was the world's first automatic chronograph. This collection, which owes its name to the city and the race, perfectly combines elegance and prestige with a vintage touch. With this watch you will become an icon ready to live life like in a movie.


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Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, innovation, prestige, performance and precision are the soul of TAG Heuer. But, above all, there is passion. This is what inspires us and what beats at the heart of every TAG Heuer watch.


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